For the Community...

"Welcome to our family pub!

We love food and wine and particularly enjoy relaxing with family and friends over a leisurely meal and some great drinks - it's one of life's great pleasures though

sadly under appreciated in the UK. Escaping the madness, sharing time with friends and family, cementing existing relationships or building the foundations of new ones - that's living!


We picked every piece of furniture tasted every dish and drink and our inspirations come from all over, some of these adorn the walls. 


We strive to build a community of kindness that offers a bolt hole from the madness and makes everything a bit better for a while.

Add to that a nice team who perform a little alchemy with great ingredients to deliver banging flavours, warm hospitality and good memories. Happy days!

Eating at the Bridge is the epitome of all this for us and while we enjoy eating in waves, ordering nibbles as soon as we sit down and then taking our time to decide what’s next, building towards a larger plate each or just more to share, you may prefer a starter then a main before the sweet stuff. Either way works, it's up to you but we are not in the business of fast food so please relax and enjoy the holiday. 


We know the Bridge is a break from the norm - that's exactly why we did it - we love it and hope you do too. 

Hope to see you soon." 

David & Samantha McHattie

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