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Dine Out Club

We value our guests and we are extremely grateful to everyone who chooses to spend their precious time and hard earned money with us. 

We want to express our gratitude in real terms - to make it easier to spare the time to escape for a while at one of our two pubs.

What is the Dine Out Club?

It is a loyalty program for people who enjoy relaxing and socialising over a meal and drinks. It has a bespoke portal so members can book and take advantage of the Club member only benefits we will be offering in one portal for two pubs.

Member benefits will vary from month to month and day to day.

May Benefits

  • Monday - Friday - 20% Off Food 

  • Saturday - 10% off Food

  • Sunday - 10% Off Food

  • The largest party that can be booked and receive the Dining Club loyalty discount is 6.

Only bookings made via www.dineoutclub.co.uk will receive the member benefit.


Do not book using this website if you wish to receive your benefit.

Not showing up for a booking is depriving another member of the opportunity to have that table. If you can't make your booking just let us know so we can make it available again. Dine Out Club Membership will likely be withdrawn for members who just don't show.

Member benefits will have limited availability.

Member Benefits and table availability will be live on the 1st of each month.

If no Dining Club table is available you will be advised so you can either search again or book via the non member portal.

How to become a member?

Simply follow the link to sign up where you will be asked to provide simple details such as your name and e mail which will never be given to third parties.

How to Book a table?

  • Visit www.dineoutclub.co.uk

  • Log in

  • Click Membership Bookings Page

  • Follow the instructions on the portal for the pub you wish to book for.

This Member Benefit cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount or offer we make available.

What do people say about The Bridge

"Back to the food: Un-Be-Lievable (that was surprisingly difficult to spell once I had broken it up?) as always, the food was delicious, it really is something you HAVE to go and try for yourself as it truly is an experience. The fish and chips were amazing – and completely different from what I had imagined. I had thought it would basically be a miniature version of the British classic but it was in fact the complete opposite, a beautifully cooked cod fillet (NOT BATTERED!) sat atop minted mushy peas which were adorned with crisp-like “chips” – a very refreshing take and non-stodgy version, sprinkled with vinegar powder for a real aromatic punch!"

"We’re thrilled to have found somewhere a bit different in the Peaks, one of our favourite places, where we can take weekend visitors or else head over midweek with the dog for a relaxed, delicious supper and try many different things at once."

"This thing of beauty, modestly and wittily named the humble cauliflower on the Peak District pub’s food menu, bursts on to your tastebuds, the spice and the yoghurt enhancing the cauliflower’s robust, intensified flavour and meaty texture, the pomegranate adding a sweet note."