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About The Bridge Inn

Country pubs are plentiful in this neck of the woods and most offer similar food and drink. Already running The Devonshire Arms when the opportunity to redevelop The Bridge Inn came up, we wanted to offer locals and tourists something different.

We love food and enjoy relaxing with friends and family over a meal - obviously with a few drinks included - a meal or drink out is about sharing time with friends and family, cementing relationships and building new ones - so took the Mediterranean approach and moved away from Starters, Mains & Desserts with hefty plates of Meat Potato and two Veg and built on the principal of tapas and gave it is twist.

Not all Spanish by any means - just a range of menu items suited to grazing, feasting, savouring and sharing.


Take great ingredients, do as little as possible with them and marry them with other ingredients that compliment and enhance their flavours - creating dishes that make you happy and perhaps surprise you a little.

Excellent Ales and Lagers are 1.01 for a pub so enter my magnificent father in law - 82 years young - who is responsible for showing us all how to care for and serve amazing beer.


I love wine - but why can I only have cheaper wines by the glass and at a premium to the bottle price?

I want to be able to enjoy a glass of Amerone, Merlot or Chateau Neuf while my wife enjoys a glass of Pinot Grigio, Sancere or Verve.

Why should I have to only choose one dish putting all my eggs in one basket when I could help my friends polish off a whole table of different dishes?

We know the Bridge is a break from the norm - that's exactly why we did it - don't be afraid dive in relax and the team will be happy to guide you through.

We are delighted with the massive amount of positive feedback and hope you give this relaxed and social experience a go!

Hope to see you soon.

David & Samantha McHattie

What do people say about The Bridge

"Back to the food: Un-Be-Lievable (that was surprisingly difficult to spell once I had broken it up?) as always, the food was delicious, it really is something you HAVE to go and try for yourself as it truly is an experience. The fish and chips were amazing – and completely different from what I had imagined. I had thought it would basically be a miniature version of the British classic but it was in fact the complete opposite, a beautifully cooked cod fillet (NOT BATTERED!) sat atop minted mushy peas which were adorned with crisp-like “chips” – a very refreshing take and non-stodgy version, sprinkled with vinegar powder for a real aromatic punch!"

"We’re thrilled to have found somewhere a bit different in the Peaks, one of our favourite places, where we can take weekend visitors or else head over midweek with the dog for a relaxed, delicious supper and try many different things at once."

"This thing of beauty, modestly and wittily named the humble cauliflower on the Peak District pub’s food menu, bursts on to your tastebuds, the spice and the yoghurt enhancing the cauliflower’s robust, intensified flavour and meaty texture, the pomegranate adding a sweet note."