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Fresh Chilled Perfect G&T's

James Bond - not so tough!

Did you know Bond prefers watered down Martini’s - its not tough or cool to ask for a martini shaken not stirred. Shaking with ice breaks down the ice and waters down the Martini - never mind James.

We on the other hand don’t want to serve you watered down or less than perfect G&T’s so we do it our way. So if you are making one at home we suggest you:

  • Always serve your G&T with loads and loads of ice - as much as the glass can take - this actually reduces the dilution - lots of ice means the Ice doesn’t have to melt too much to equalise the temperature and it chills the Gin which also softens the alcohol thereby making the Gin more pleasant to taste

  • Use fresh fruit, while some places use frozen we don’t - it's slushy and waters the drink down It lacks the freshness of fresh fruit and only pair with fruit that enhances the botanicals or fruit used during the distillation

  • Always use a the biggest glass you can ideally highball (typically British) or our Ballon style glass (typically Mediterranean) like the ones we use.

  • Finish with a Fever Tree, Double Dutch or similar premium tonic and stir


A bloody long way from “Mothers Ruin” and don't accept your chosen Gin with a few cubes of ice and a slice of lemon or wedge of lime whether out in a bar or restaurant or at home.

Perfect G&T
Malfy Italian Gin - perfect with the peel of a Lemon

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