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New Menu Coming Soon!

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

It's time to update the menu and unlike previous changes this one will be more significant.

We will not just be changing a few dishes, scared to upset those who love the dish we have decided to remove.

Each time we go through this process it proves to be hard for me to say "yep I agree Chef take it off" and this is compounded when you look at the sales mix reports - there is nothing that doesn't sell.

This time it's going to be different and I am not passing the buck (honest) but Darren and Jamie will decide which dishes manage to stay on the core menu and which go into the bank perhaps to reappear at sometime in the future.

Its going to be much smaller so its going to be painful for me.

That said I can't wait to the specials ideas they have been keeping close to their chest for a few weeks now. Every month the core menu will be supported by a range of monthly specials allowing our excellent chefs to show what they can do while giving our large number of regular guests more choice.

Will they stay or will they go now?

Which would you keep?

#DiningClub members will get the opportunity to try out the new menu with 20% Off when it arrive so sign up now

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