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New Menu Finally Arrives

After promising a new menu for a while we are finally live with our new menu and with not one new menu but two we have taken a leap forward.

We have obviously updated the restaurant menu changing about 17 dishes. The new dishes include some of the specials we ran throughout December like Ox Cheek & Sea Bream, while we have added bowls of Beef & Vegetable and Pork Cheek, Borlotti Bean & Chorizo Stews.

We have now added a Bar Snacks menu available only in the bar areas which includes - wait for it - Fries as well as some traditional pub plated meals!

Not only can your Sandwiches now be accompanied with Fries but you can enjoy a Mug of Soup, Steak & Ale Pie, Fries & Gravy or Cheeseburger & Fries or a bowl of delicious Stew and warm bread as well as other perfect snacking and sharing dishes in front of the open fire or the live sport.

We welcome all feedback as we are aiming to change the menu every month or so.

I can recommend every dish but make sure you check out the Kalettes, Cauliflower Hot Wings, Clams, Sea Bream and Ox Cheek to mention but a few.

The Forgotten Art - Stews
Pork Cheek, Borlotti Bean & Chorizo Stew

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