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Wild Garlic Riverside Walk

From the car park at The Bridge Inn wander a hundred meters or so up Dukes Drive and find the gateway to a gorgeous riverside walk along the Derwent. Up past the listed old Mill building, past the rebuilt weir and on to the delightful old bridge in the lovely village of Froggatt. Cross the bridge and wander all the way back on the other side or keep going until Grindleford or beyond but make sure you are back at The Bridge Inn before service ends.

Having just finished the walk I can tell you the banks of the river are awash with Wild Garlic - we use it at both The Bridge & The Devonshire as we can pick it from the river banks outside both Pubs - especially in mid to late spring. Your cannot miss the gentle Onion aromas wafting through the air

Wild Garlic

Wild garlic grows across the UK from late winter until the end of spring. Picking the leaves isn't going to kill the plant - they are perennials back in abundance next year and once washed )lots of Dogs walk these paths) eat the leaves raw in salads or cooked then for a milder taste than shop-bought garlic.

But Beware - wild garlic looks a bit similar to lily of the valley, which is poisonous. The bottom line however is pick a leaf roll it between your fingers and enjoy those gentle garlic aromas.

Literally all the way along the river walk there are swathes of Wild Garlic

It's a gorgeous walk with the added benefits of returning home with some tasty produce as well as having sampled of our chef's wonders and a pint of crystal clear draught. Our pick's today:

  • Cauliflower Hot Wings - Vegan so damn healthy and perfect for nibbles as an appetiser with the crunch, heat and my favourite Mojo

  • Iberico Ham - the best cured meat in the world - just a small this time

  • Rich melt in the mouth Beef & Vegetable Stew & Bread (that is straight out of the oven)

  • Skin on Fries - dipped in that wonderful gravy from time to time

  • Prawns Pil Pil - had to have some garlic and bread dunked in the olive oil chilli and garlic is hard to beat.

Pint of the wonderful Estrella Galicia for me and an ice cold glass of Picpoul for my better half.

All is well with the world!

Back home and a toss up do I make a Wild Garlic Pesto or a Soup with my forage.

Mojo, Sriracha, Cauliflower
Cauliflower Hot Wings

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